Business Development

Once your marketing strategy and plan are ready, and you’ve started making noise about your mobile app business, via social channels and established media outlets, you quickly need someone to do the selling, directly or indirectly. This is where we come in.

To help you do the sales directly, we will work on developing and qualifying a leads pipeline for you, we’ll prepare technical and commercial offers, and work until we get sales, i.e. revenues for you. Make us your sales team so you can focus on ramping up your mobile business while we take care of sales logistics. Once you reach cruising speed, we can recruit, set-up and manage your sales team in one or multiple countries.

To help you do sales indirectly, we will identify commercial partners - such as mobile operators, B2B service aggregators, enterprise solutions consultants - who will distribute online and/or in person your app service in the countries you target; we’ll negotiate contracts and manage the channel for you, if you don’t have resources for this activity. If you prefer to take over at this point, we’ll help you recruit and select an indirect sales executive.

Contact us now to get your mobile product/service sales start or expand successfully.