Today’s corporate reality is the digitization of entire business models and industries.

Tablets are enabling a new wave of mobile computing, bringing new productivity gains and changing the work processes of many companies across all economic sectors. If your business offers mobile solutions for cloud technologies and tablets, you’re enabling the ‘mobilisation’ of existing work processes.

But to successfully market this type of solution requires knowledge of B2B marketing, of traditional and digital marketing tools (social, mobile, cloud) and of international markets, on top of a thorough understanding of mobile and web technologies.

This is precisely the skill set of Sagnard Associates, who have been marketing mobile technology products and solutions for over 20 years, performing market research, devising and executing marketing plans, and helping our clients enter new markets, fast.

Our value-add is in guiding you to define your company positioning, your brand differentiation, to launch your new B2B mobile apps & cloud service, to implement online and offline promotional campaigns with an industry audience and to create sales volumes; if you need to, we’ll also build your sales organisation.

Contact us now to get your enterprise mobile app marketed successfully in fast-moving markets.