Front Square is the creator of CoCo Sim, an online simulation game that includes multiple individual lessons in business process, problem solving and basic accounting, where the player must manage cash-flow and stock levels in order to achieve a high customer satisfaction level while also remaining profitable.

Players’ skills are tested with regular questions and the combined simulation and question scores are posted on a leader board to help drive competition and engagement.

The Goals

  • Develop a global marketing strategy & plan to ensure a successful staged launch of CoCo Sim in 2012-13
  • Articulate a tactical launch plan for Q4-2012

The Approach

  • Analysis: research potential target industry sectors with needs for workers’ education on Lean principles (manufacturing, infrastructure, consultancies), assess direct and indirect competitors, and their marketing strategies
  • Planning: develop positioning and messages for CoCo Sim, edit new copy for web site, propose communication objectives & campaign, select promo channels, produce launch budget
  • Action: edit, validate with client and finalise global marketing plan 2012-13

The Results

  • Full global market launch plan delivered in Q2-2012 for implementation in 2013
  • Copy of original web site re-edited to position CoCoSim for selected target segments
  • CoCo Sim ‘beta’ in evaluation with selected trial customers and potential resellers, full launch planned later in 2013