Created by Jampot Technologies in 2011, TheAppBuilder is the world's premier self-service mobile app creation tool and an integral part of any enterprise mobility strategy. The ease of use of TheAppBuilder enables anyone, no matter what their level of technical experience, to easily and rapidly create mobile web apps.

The Goals

  • Develop a global launch plan for TheAppBuilder
  • Manage the design of dedicated product pages on
  • Plan and implement a global social media campaign
  • Plan and implement the start of an online advertising campaign (SEO)
  • Gather and leverage early customer (app creators) references

The Approach

  • Analysis: research online selected mobile enterprise markets (USA, UK, Scandinavia) + direct and indirect competitors (map out their positioning and value proposition), assess promotional channels for their effectiveness with target audience (SMEs)
  • Planning: develop positioning and messages for TheAppBuilder, define marcomms objectives, select promo channels (on- and offline), draw up activity timeline for the team and budget the whole launch
  • Action: edit, validate with client and finalise global market launch plan, implement LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube promo campaigns

The Results

  • Full global market launch plan delivered in Q3-2011 for implementation in Q4-2011
  • Launched online in Q4-2011: TheAppBuilder got coverage in major tech media (TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Fast)
  • Launched at the Mobile World Congress in February 2012: we obtained coverage on BnetTV, Mobile Broadband TV, Total Telecom and Frost & Sullivan
  • TheAppBuilder became in 2012 the most popular mobile app creation tool within months